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Life imitated art at Hornsby House when pupils across all year groups were encouraged to participate in an exciting, interactive project inspired by an ongoing activity run by The Getty Museum in Los Angeles. The concept was to recreate a famous artwork using props from home. The items used to mimic the original piece could be anything at all – inanimate or living.   

 I have been bowled over by the creativity and endeavor shown in response to the Hornsby Gallery Challenge from both teachers and pupils. The standard of work is stunning and so inventive. It has been a treat to catch a glimpse of all those faces – and some special appearances of pets and other family members too.


Ms. K Boulting, Head of Art

The original project has been trending worldwide on social media and the Hornsby House version proved to extremely popular with pupils of all ages, who jumped at the chance to flex their creative muscles.

As you can see from this picture of Miss Grindy recreating the portrait of Marie Poussin by Alexander Roslin, the school staff were equally keen to see if they could rise to the challenge, proving that you are never too old to have fun with a little DIY costume making.

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