Autumn Term 2019

StaffThursday 29th August 2019
Term BeginsMonday 2nd September 2019
Half TermMonday 21st October - Friday 1st November 2019
Term EndsFriday 13th December 2019

Spring Term 2020

StaffTuesday 7th January 2020
Year 6Friday 3rd January 2020 (To be confirmed)
Term BeginsWednesday 8th January 2020
Half TermMonday 17th - Friday 21st February 2020
Term EndsFriday 27th March 2020

Summer Term 2020

StaffMonday 20th April 2020
Term BeginsTuesday 21st April 2020
Half TermMonday 25th May - Friday 29th May 2020
Term EndsThursday 2nd July 2020
Staff EndsFriday 3rd July 2020

Autumn Term 2020

StaffTuesday 1st September 2020
Term BeginsThursday 3rd September 2020
Half TermMonday 19th - Friday 30th October 2020
Term EndsWednesday 16th December 2020

Spring Term 2021

StaffFriday 8th January 2021
Year 6Date to be confirmed
Term BeginsMonday 11th January 2021
Half TermMonday 15th - Friday 19th February 2021
Term EndsFriday 26th March 2021

Summer Term 2021

StaffMonday 19th April 2021
Term BeginsTuesday 20th April 2021
Half TermMonday 31st May - Friday 4th June 2021
Term EndsThursday 8th July 2021
Staff EndsFriday 9th July 2021

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