During the week of the 26th of May, our Year 6 cohort of 2020-2021 participated with gusto in their annual ‘Entrepreneurial Week’.

For one week during the summer term, the regular Year 6 timetable is postponed to make way for our highly-anticipated Hornsby House Entrepreneurial Week.

This year on day one, pupils were given the brief, before dedicating the rest of the week responding to it with their own original interpretation.

This year the brief was to design and market a concept for an escape room:


In recent years, escape rooms have rapidly grown in popularity as a leisure activity. Within an escape room, you must successfully work as a team to complete a series of tasks in order to ‘win’ your freedom.  There is usually a time limit, after which you would be ‘locked in’ if you cannot solve the challenge.

The Year 6 pupils could interpret the design of their escape room in whatever way they liked, as long as they included a task (or tasks) that would need to be solved in order to escape. As well as creating the idea for their room and sticking to a budget, pupils had to demonstrate the layout of their design by creating a small-scale mockup.

Finally, they were tasked with marketing their concept by creating promotional material such as a website idea, sales pitch or presentation.

One example of Year 6 work in progress: mockup completed and marketing design underway.




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