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Typically the Year 6 play would be a live production, but COVID-19 necessitated a change from the usual format.  Never one to be deterred by a challenge, Mrs. Mansfield responded with an exciting solution.  It involved shooting the production in segments using a green screen backdrop.

Year 6 pupils during the making of their film, Pantastic!

The clips were edited together to create the film as a whole.

The music and drama department collaborated to oversee the production, but it was the pupils themselves who took on most of the key roles:

“The Year 6 children became actors, directors, sound engineers, designers and editors to create the film version of Pantastic- it is all their work and they did an incredible job!”

Mrs. Mansfield, Head of DRAMA

Pantastic received its premiere in school on Friday. For the event, pupils arrived in style to a red carpet welcome, complete with an official photocall and applause from the Year 6 form teachers. The pupils were thrilled to have such an exciting format for the debut screening of their production:

“Today was a wonderful day.  We had our photos taken when we arrived at school and walked on a red carpet while the teachers clapped, then we watched the film – it was so good. 

It was such a fun experience!”   

– Lola, year 6 pupil

Year 6 pupils arrive to a red carpet welcome on the morning of their film premiere.



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