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Year 6 were challenged by their science teachers to complete a STEM (Science, Technology, Maths & Engineering) project. It proved to be an assignment that was embraced with great interest and enthusiasm. The brief was open-ended, giving children the opportunity to investigate a scientific topic that was of particular interest to them. For example, one pupil designed and built a fully functioning BBQ using a recycled soft drink can (see photo, inset). According to the pupil, the sausage that he cooked tasted delicious!

Other ideas included an investigation into the effect on our teeth of prolonged exposure to soft drinks; or whether it is possible to stop yourself from hiccuping. One pupil focussed on providing a guide about how to live on Mars, whilst another child explored which material has the most rolling resistance.

Does age affect reaction time?  … That was the question that one pupil considered, whilst another presented a fascinating report into why her cat’s eyes glow at night.

Y6 Science Project - Homemade BBQ

One Y6 pupil designed a working BBQ from a recycled tin can.


“We were delighted with the variety of projects chosen, as well as the ingenuity and effort shown by pupils. The application of STEM principles was very exciting – perhaps we have the next Thomas Edison, Maria Telkes or Alexander Graham Bell among us.”

 – Miss King, Year 6 science teacher

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